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Best Spanish Festivals

Spain is famous for its festivals. Whatever time of the year you visit, there would be some or the other festival going around in Spain. The Spanish festivals resemble Spain rich culture and traditions. The good time always carve around … Continue reading

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Lesson 13: ¡Me voy de viaje!

Lesson 13: ¡Me voy de viaje! You’re going to find… GRAMMAR: Préterito Indefinido de SER y de TENER VOCABULARY: Los medios de transporte DIÁLOGO: ¡Me voy de viaje! EJERCICIOS SOMETHING ABOUT SPAIN AND A LITTLE TIP! KEY   GRAMMAR PRÉTERITO … Continue reading

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Madrid, the Intoxicating Cocktail of the Tradition and the Modern

The haunting beauty of the guitars, the whirling flamingo dancer, the raging bulls and the strutting matadors – the Spanish capital of Madrid is a unique blend of the old and the new. As you walk along the streets of … Continue reading

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The Pearls of Barcelona

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, is the second largest city in Spain, behind Madrid.  This city is thriving with life, dynamic religious structures, spirited culture, amazing cuisine and spectacular vistas. This wonderful city offers an assortment of adventures which are … Continue reading

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Top 5 Places to Visit While in Spain

Spain – a dynamic country, sure to breathe a breath of fresh air into any traveler’s wish for exciting adventures, great food and vibrant culture.  From running with the bulls in Madrid, to participating in the world’s largest tomato fight … Continue reading

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Spain as a Travel Destination

The History of Spain Spain has a long and distinctive past. This unique country has been occupied by many regimes including:  the Phoenicians; the Romans; the Suevi; the Vandals; the Alans; the Visigoths; and the Arab-Muslims. During the 1400s, Isabella … Continue reading

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